Prediction of the acoustic quality of rooms and halls of any size and purpose

The Hall Acoustics software simulates the acoustic behaviour of a hall with the help of the finite element technique, so allowing a constraint analysis. It is based on diffuse reflection on the elements and directive reflection on the walls.

The calculation algorithm makes it possible to calculate the acoustic waveforms off the surfaces. These waveforms are integrated within the time and space responses calculation of the model.
Adapted to volumes of any shape, it makes it possible to display and evaluate the acoustic quality, and therefore optimise, the design of the hall under study and its furniture.

Two main room families may be studied:

  • Musical activity rooms: concert halls, operas, recording studios, etc.
  • Listening halls: theatres, conference halls, concert halls, etc.
  • The meshing technique makes it possible to adjust the calculation precision to the constraints and the objectives.