Acoustical BIM

The key to the success of a project consists in ensuring clear and concise understanding between architects and engineers. The aim is also to work together on the same data that changes in the course of the design process.

During its design, a building and/or district passes through a variety of steps. In a traditional process, a large amount of information is lost between each step, since the same people are not involved and do not use the same tools and thus the same data formats.

The “Building Information Model” (BIM), encompassing construction geometry, spatial relations, geographical information, and quantities as well as building element properties, participates in the design process of the building and/or district, but also throughout its life cycle.

The challenge of working on the same model has quickly become essential, both in terms of efficiency and from an economic point of view. Tisseyre + Associés offers for design and modelling teams (district 3D mock-up and building volumes) acoustic tools that they can use for their own expert analysis.

Tisseyre + Associés develops its own acoustic design tools. These tools are based on real 3D acoustic modelling based on finite element techniques. This approach is the only one that allows simulation of impact of noise pollution (transport, human and industrial activities) on enclosures, and thus control of optimum acoustic performance of building internal and external envelopes.

This approach is an exclusive feature of Tisseyre + Associés, as the acoustic software currently available does not satisfy this specification and is limited to the extended 2D with extrapolation to heights based on ray calculation.

The models produced by Tisseyre + Associés thus form part of complex study processes such as structural equipment operations (opera, concert halls, conceptual volumes, tertiary buildings, etc.), and district or town planning operations, etc. The forecast software developed by Tisseyre + Associés form the basis of the computer models, supporting the architectural acoustic design of structures and operations studied by Tisseyre + Associés and its partners over the past 30 years. This is the guarantee of the results achieved by its models.

Stepwise process