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Planète Acoustique is a group of international design offices in acoustic engineering and consultancy. It includes Tisseyre + Associés for France and Europe, SINO – France IPPR – Tisseyre acoustic Studio for China and Tisseyre + Partners in Morocco. Since 1980, we have developed cutting-edge expertise in the acoustic and vibro-acoustic fields supported by applied Research & Development in building, urban planning, industry and the environment. Thanks to our methodological, software and service innovations, we have been providing acoustic solutions in many fields for more than 40 years.

Our culture

We want to put users back at the heart of the project design process. Indeed, it is the uses that structure the architectural and acoustic choices. Therefore, we develop acoustic solutions from the early stages of projects in close collaboration with architects to meet specific needs. This is why we have developed a tailor-made culture: each project being unique, so are the uses. This tailor-made culture, driven by our innovations, has been one of the cornerstones of our export success. Indeed, the construction techniques and the organizations of the construction sectors in Asia and Africa being fundamentally different from the European sector, our strong adaptability and our tailor-made solutions have enabled us to develop a sustainable activity in several countries.

Our products & services

This tailor-made culture has shaped the design of our tools, they are able to adapt to all stages of project progress (studies, site, execution). If the acoustics of cultural facilities is our core business, we also have a long experience in the acoustics of leisure, sports and medical facilities. Over the years, we have developed model centers allowing a unique treatment on the intelligibility of tertiary spaces, premises in activity, and the control of urban acoustic landscapes in the future state of completion.

Forerunners in the advent of digital technology, for 40 years we have been offering manufacturers virtual acoustic laboratories for the development of their products. We also use these laboratories on our own account for all of our operations, allowing us to control and optimize the choice of materials and products used for our acoustic solutions.

Finally, we stand out in the field of vibration treatment thanks to our innovative low-cost solutions for nuisances linked to vibrations (transport routes, propagation in buildings, foundations and floors).

Our Methodology

Our approach starts from the observation that acoustics is structuring for all operations in the construction sector. Far from proposing maximalist solutions for protection against nuisances and very engaging from an architectural point of view, we develop integrated vibro-acoustic solutions that are sized to the specific needs of the projects. Each project being different in terms of needs, constraints and issues, we develop a culture of tailor-made by favoring uses and functions.

To do this, we use our tools for modeling high-precision acoustic phenomena, capable of simulating rooms, buildings and town planning in working order, while promoting close collaboration with architects. This is the reason why, since 1990, we have developed various modeling software for digital models based on 3D mesh with finite elements. These various software programs are based on the hypothesis of the reflection of diffuse and directive sound on the various elements of the walls (modeled by meshes). The meshing technique, which applies to both town planning and building, makes it possible to adapt the precision of the calculation to the constraints and the objectives sought in order to optimize the design of the project and its acoustic treatment.

Always with the aim of encouraging collaboration with architects and the various design offices and to integrate as soon as possible acoustic solutions sized according to needs, we work in BIM. Precursors in the 3D modeling of projects, we have known for 30 years that these representations allow better collaboration and intelligibility in the work of a team throughout the stages of the projects.



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