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Study on airport noise management procedures

In the context of noise complaints, Shanghai Hongqiao airport commissioned us to conduct a study on the various tools and methods to be implemented in order to reduce noise pollution related to its activity. We have therefore presented a state of the art of airport noise management procedures throughout the world, and particularly in Europe, by means of several case studies.

The International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO), the specialized agency of the United Nations, establishes a series of recommendations through the "balanced approach", a major foundation in the airport noise management strategy. . In view of the plurality of noise factors, the particularities inherent to each airport as well as a very large number of interlocutors, this approach does not present a single solution for all airports but rather a method of arbitration to implement from design to operation to reduce nuisance. For each case study, we apply the balance approach for all the airports studied and highlight the trade-offs made, the solutions implemented with regard to the means and the potential criticisms to be made.