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Virtual Acoustic Lab

Our firm has 40 years of experience in assisting manufacturers in fine-tuning the acoustic characteristics of the products developed. We offer them:

  • A virtual acoustic laboratory: it allows in particular the prediction of the modal attenuation index of walls with complex structures and the acoustic absorption factors of materials to arrive at the prototype in a more efficient and safe manner.
  • Expertise in implementing acoustic R&D procedures for product design
  • Implementation of translation software support for internal development of manufacturers
  • Project management assistance for the construction of acoustics and testing laboratories: anechoic chambers, reverberation chambers, semi-anechoic rooms with roller bench, etc.

Moreover, Planète Acoustique has developed numerous products on behalf of manufacturers which are now patented. We can cite in particular the patents concerning:

  • “The development of materials allowing the separation of transport routes at low cost”
  • The “acoustic absorbent canvas material free of volatile fiber”.