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Mohammed V Airport


Casablanca, Morocco


Complete acoustic mission, sound system in the passenger hall


Ministry of Transport and Logistics Equipment, ONDA

Amount of work

€100,000,000 (excl. VAT)


Mr Baddou Azzedine


Delivered in 2019


80,000 m²

In 2019, the extension of Terminal I at Casablanca's Mohammed V airport improved passenger comfort by raising the level of services offered as well as the quality of airport equipment.


With 40 years of experience in modeling acoustic phenomena in 3D and 4D, the acoustic firm Tisseyre + Associés has developed a joint working methodology with the architect. Indeed, we start from the observation that the architecture of a structure structures its acoustics. This is why we offer 3D acoustic models of the spaces in operation, thanks to Intelligibility® and 4D digital models of soundscapes in the future state of completion, via BIMAE®, from the design stage. Thus, by ensuring close collaboration with the architects at all stages of the projects, we are able to anticipate, optimize and integrate acoustic solutions within the architecture.


Complete acoustic mission

The BIMAE® makes it possible to model in temporal 3D the soundscapes in the future state of completion. By ensuring a joint study of the internal and external functions of the projects and the 3D visualization of the sound propagation at the foot, on the facade and around a building from the design stage. This is why we were able to optimize the sound insulation of the facades of the terminal and of the roofs according to the landing and take-off phases of the aircraft. In addition, we offer tailor-made acoustic solutions that meet both the comfort needs of users and the aesthetics of architects.

Passenger hall sound system

Thanks to our tool for digital models of the spaces in operation Intelligibility®, we dimensioned the entire sound system of the terminal. This system must guarantee the intelligibility, in the ambient noise, of the sound messages perceived by the users at each place in the hall, while ensuring comfort of use for the activities located in the terminal (shops, check-points, in, security check, etc.). Thus, we have custom designed the type of loudspeakers so that they are integrated into the architecture. Their sound pressure levels as well as their directivity were essential to achieve the EN54 normative intelligibility levels.

Level of intelligibility of loudspeakers throughout the hall