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Mohamed VI Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art


Rabat, Morocco


Complete acoustic mission of the museum, Acoustics and sound system of the auditorium


Ministry of Culture of Morocco, ANEP

Amount of work

€18,000,000 (excl. VAT)


Cabinet Chakor


Delivered in 2014


10,270 m²

The Mohammed VI Museum is the first museum entirely dedicated to modern and contemporary arts in the Kingdom of Morocco. The MMVI aims not only to promote the national heritage to the population and to create conditions for conservation, but it also wants to be a place of creation and exchange. This is why the museum plans to host exhibitions and receptions.


Tisseyre + Associés has 40 years of experience in 3D modeling of acoustic phenomena in rooms in operation. 3D modeling by mesh of finite elements from the first stages of the projects, makes it possible to model with finesse all the architectural details. Based on the observation that the acoustics of a room are structuring for its architecture, we have developed a joint working methodology with the architect by basing our solutions on the needs and uses of the space. Thus, we can offer the architect integrated and tailor-made acoustic solutions corresponding to the architectural requirements.


Complete acoustic mission of the museum

Thanks to our 3D model tool for spaces in operation, Intelligibility®, we can collaborate from the design phase with the architect in order to integrate the acoustic solutions into the architecture of the hall. For the hall of the MMVI museum, we proposed tailor-made acoustic solutions adapted to the different planned uses and to the requests of the architects. Thus, the models of the hall according to two distinct uses, the exhibition and the reception, guided us in the design of the different solutions: from the ceilings to the acoustic moucharabiehs.

In addition, for the exhibition halls we followed a logic of sound progression. Thus, we made sure that the sound emission of the various animations directs the visitors without disturbing them when they are not concentrated on these animations. Finally, we worked on the soundscapes so that there is an immersion vis-à-vis the visual theme.

Sound modeling of the reception in operation during an exhibition

Sound modeling of the welcome during a reception

Auditorium acoustics and sound system

Thanks to our 3D model tool for Hall Acoustics performance halls®, we can collaborate from the design phase with the architect in order to integrate the acoustic performance of the room into the architecture. Our work therefore does not focus on the dimensioning of a posteriori solutions of acoustic absorbers to attenuate the effects of reverberations. We work with the architect on the choice of shapes, sound system and materials used so that the sound is distributed evenly and that intelligibility is optimal throughout the auditorium.

Acoustic panels



Acoustic ceilings