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BCP Tower


Casablanca, Morocco


Global acoustic design thanks to BIMAE, Site execution for vibrations


People's Bank

Amount of work

€100,000,000 (excl. VAT)


Rachid Andaloussi


Construction in progress


24,000 m²





The BCP tower will house the new headquarters of the Banque Populaire Group in the heart of Casablanca's new business district. As the transport network in this district is dense, there were many issues related to the noise of the transport routes and the vibrations generated by the metro and tram.


The acoustic firm Tisseyre + Associés has developed a joint working methodology with the architect. Indeed, our 4D digital soundscape modeling tool in the future state of completion, the BIMAE®, is an essential work support for close collaboration with architects and urban planners at all stages of the project. The BIMAE makes it possible to model a soundscape according to the topology of the place, the acoustic classification of the transport routes as well as human activities. Thus, we can anticipate, optimize and integrate the acoustic solutions within the architecture of the project.


Global acoustic design thanks to BIMAE

Based on the topography, route and estimated attendance, the BIMAE® allowed us to model the sound impact of transport routes. The BIMAE also allowed us to visualize the sound impact of the metro and tram tracks in operation passing nearby. Thus we dimensioned and integrated the acoustic solutions in the architecture from the first phases of the design.


Site execution for vibrations

We were tasked with the site execution by Bouygues to find solutions to the vibrations induced by the passages of the nearby metro and tram. Usually, the classic technique consists in suspending the structures by spring boxes. Thanks to our R&D, we have developed unique technical solutions in vibration protection: structural impedance breaking (via a Predit research contract). The acoustic trenches serve as a buffer between the vibration emission zone and the receiver. This innovation not only reduces work time but also costs (4 million euros for the BCP Tower).