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Oceane Stadium


Le Havre (76)


Environmental acoustic mission, Custom sound system


City of Le Havre


33,000 pl.

Amount of work

€50,000,000 (excl. VAT)


SCAU Architects, KSS Architects


Delivered in 2012

In 2012, the Océane stadium was inaugurated in Le Havre and became the first stadium in Normandy. This multifunction stadium has a capacity of 25,000 seats in football configuration and 33,000 seats in show configuration.


The acoustic firm Tisseyre + Associés has developed a methodology for joint work with the architect, particularly relevant in the context of the design-construction of stadiums. In fact, the problems of noise pollution linked to the activities of the stadiums are recurrent in operation. However, the BIMAE®, by taking into account all future sound sources (human activities, transport noise) at each hour of the day, makes it possible to model in 3D temporal (4D) the impact of a stadium in operation on its urban planning from the design phase. Thus, it constitutes a work support with the architects and town planners throughout the project since it makes it possible to anticipate, integrate and optimize acoustic solutions in the architecture and town planning of the stadium.


Environmental acoustic mission

As part of the regulations against neighborhood noise, the sound activity of establishments open to the public must not emerge from an existing soundscape. It is therefore appropriate to set the criteria for maximum permissible sound levels, day and night, which will serve as a basis for sizing the acoustic solutions. The BIMAE® models in 3D, the existing soundscape from acoustic measurements consolidated by a database of similar soundscapes (theUrbanistic Noise Map®). Thus, our levels of acoustic prescriptions are less dependent on the intrinsic variability of the soundscapes that simple measurements cannot take into account.

In addition, the joint study of the internal and external functions of the projects and the 3D visualization of the sound propagation at the foot, in front and around the stadium from the design stage enabled us to design a custom-made and optimized absorbing roof. Thus, the Le Havre stadium remains the only stadium in France to comply with the legislation on neighborhood noise.

Criteria for maximum permissible daytime sound levels

Sound impact of the stadium in operation with a Line Array sound system

Sound impact of the stadium in operation and the crowd around the stadium


Custom sound system

The sound system in the stadiums must respond to an often complex arbitration:

  • Ensure good sound coverage and perfect intelligibility at all points in the stadium;
  • Do not cause nuisance to the neighborhood.

Thanks to the development of a tailor-made Line Array sound system, we were able to meet these two criteria.

Sound coverage from conventional loudspeakers

Homogeneous sound coverage via the Line Array system