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Room Model Center

The expertise we offer for room acoustics is our core business. On the one hand, our innovative methodological approach matches acoustic designs to the architect's designs by prioritizing the function of the building in our solutions. On the other hand, the development of our innovative software has allowed us:

  • A modeling of static and dynamic reception directivities
  • Perfect control of acoustic envelopment (Lev): a world-exclusive innovation.

This technology is the result of 30 years of experience and joint research on the acoustics of large rooms with Roger Lamoral and Lothar Cremer. First in scale model then in digital version, they have proven through large projects, such as the Acropolis in Nice or the Berlin Philharmonie, the importance of visualizing the temporal ordering and the direction of the energy of the wave trains received at the ears of the listener. These technical advances translate the acoustic performance over time of the architectural design. They make it possible to co-design acoustic responses to architectural hypotheses. Planète Acoustique has therefore developed the HallAcoustics modeling software, based on finite elements, making it possible to visualize the acoustic performances of any volume, shape and materials.

Multimedia expertise

Drawing on our experience in the design of performance halls, conference rooms and studios, we have developed audiovisual and multimedia systems that optimally respond to the trade-off between project function and cost. Indeed, these systems are both structuring for architectural and acoustic choices, can be decisive in the use of the project, and also represent a significant cost. To avoid neglecting their impact on the acoustic performance of rooms, we respond to this decision from the start by integrating the following systems very early into our acoustic and multimedia studies:

  • Fixed and mobile conference systems;
  • Multimedia video projection systems;
  • Sound recording and recording systems;
  • The sound diffusion system;
  • Videoconferencing systems;
  • The holographic system, etc.

Our ability to design tailor-made systems provides an optimal response to project needs. Our simulations not only allow us to control the quality of acoustic diffusers in the design phase but also to control their installation. Finally, in line with our know-how on the internal acoustics of rooms, our research into acoustic envelopment allows us in practice to design electroacoustic systems:

  • Adapted to video media: identity between the image and the sound image,
  • Adapted to the types of particular messages sent,
  • Allowing spatial location of speakers.